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Why Choose a Childminder?

Why choose a Chidminder you may ask yourself! There are so many options when looking for Childcare and it can be quite bewildering choosing what is best for your Child. Hopefully this will answer a few questions.


More Personal

I can be more one to one with your Child, so will be able to build a trusting relationship for your Child to learn in.  I also will be able to let you know all the detail of your Childs day in their daily Diaries and face to face when you collect your child.

In a Nursery it is possable that your child will probably see Staff on a Rota System so may not settle as quickly and the hand over staff may not have been with your child all day so will be hard for them to build up a meaningful relationship with your Child.


More Flexable

I can be more flexible and adapt to each Childs Individual needs tailoring activities to each Child to stimulate them and so they enjoy what they are doing, giving them more choice in the activities they would like to do.

In a Nursery there are set activities, so if they have had a bad night they will not always be able to cuddle up on the sofa for a good story when they want to but when the time table says there is time.


​​My Opening and Closing times are not fixed so as a Childminder I can offer more flexible hours to suit you and your work times.                       I can also pick up from the local School and offer wrap around care to include after School and Holiday clubs.

Nurseries have set sessions and are not always able to collect a sibling from school.

​I have been working as a Childminder for over 25 years and loved every minute of it!

Some Nursery staff may be young and inexperienced.



More Accommadating


More Experienced


Home from Home

Children are looked after in my home which is a friendly Home from Home environment which allows Children to settle more easily, so they can Rest and Relax, Play and have Fun, Feel Safe and Secure.

A Nursery environment tends to be more school like, with lots of Children which can be a scary experience for small children. Also siblings are split up into year group like school so for example there will be a baby room.


Out in the Community

We spend most of our days out and about in the community as we can visit the Libary, Parks, Toddler group, PreSchool Local Gardens, Beaches and woods etc, as childminder I can offer a huge range of outings.

At a Nursery a child can be in the same room most of the day and may only do one outing a term.

Some Small children can find Nurseries quite frightening with lots of Children and noise which can feel a little intimidating.

As a Childminder I can offer an inviting and cosy home from home, more of a family environment where siblings can play together when they want to. I want a Child to feel at home, to be happy and contented, confident and sure of themselves.

After School time is a happy and full of fun as the After School Children like to help and encourage the younger ones. Quite often I will find and older Child reading to one of the little ones or helping with a drawing. The Older Children have grown up from young babies or toddlers in my care and love all the younger Children.

On dry days we love to go to the park for an hour or so after school before we head back for a home cooked meal.



More Friendly


Family atmosphere

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