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A list of some of my Policies & Risk Assessment documents

All Policies, Risk Assessments as well as Ofsted Report and Qualification Certificates available to view when you visit me.


  • Behaviour Management Policy

  • House Rules

  • Equal Opportunities Policy

  • Health, Hygiene, Medicines and Safety Policy

  • Policy for the Care of Sick Children

  • Urgent Medical Treatment and Emergency Procedures

  • Childhood Infection Information

  • What we would have to do in the Event of a Fluandemic

  • Safe Guarding Childrens Policy

  • Policy for Keepin children Safe

  • Whistleblower Policy

  • Policy for Supporting Children Who are Experiencing Loss or Change in their Lives

  • The Looked After Child Policy

  • Confidentiality Policy

  • Fire Safety Procedures and Emergency Escape Plan

  • Working in Partnership with Parents and with other Settings

  • Special Needs Policy

  • Environment and Organisation Policy

  • Complaint Procedure

  • Exclusion Policy

  • Extreme Weather/Circumstance policy

  • Photographic Policy and Parental Consent Forms

  • Food and Drink Policy

  • Policy for children falling asleep in the car

  • Allergen information for Parents

  • Risk assessment for higher numbers of Children

  • Privacy Notice

  • General Data Protection Regulation Policy

  • Retention Policy for GDPR

  • Risk Assessment

  • Risk Assessment for Higher Numbers of Children

  • Outings Risk Assessments

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